3 Single-Purpose EA's 

Use These "Mini-Robots" to Avoid Painful Trading Mistakes

Everyday, the Forex market bleeds trading opportunities.

There is always a missed pivot-point, a broken trend line, a new high or low reached.

On some currency pair, on some chart, something good is happening.

So what's the problem?  The problem is that you can't possibly watch all of this.

  • You miss perfectly setup trades.
  • You let winning trades turn into losing trades.
  • You close losing trades, only to watch them run away in your direction. Ouch! That one hurts the most.

This is not your fault. You need helpers. You need some automation.

Automation doesn't have to be fancy. It can be simple.

Right here and now I'll show you my top 3 quick and easy automation tricks.  I think you'll be surprised at how simple, and yet powerful they are.

First trick. Let's not lose money once a trade has shown some profit. Let’s just move the stoploss to breakeven.

"build a breakeven robot in about 3 minutes"add breakeven stop to existing trade

Second trick.  Alerts! I love alerts. I love getting emails (or messages on my iPhone) when something happens. If a price breaks out, I want to know about it. (I may not do anything, but I want to know.)

"build a price break alert in 3 minutes: get alert, email, etc. on price break

Third Trick:  Trendlines

I use a lot of trend lines. And I don’t think I find anything more boring than waiting for a trend line to be broken. (Come to think of it, I have done a lot of stupid things waiting for a trend line break)

What I love about this trick is that it's a combination of human brain power and EA automation. It's not completely manual, and it's not completely automated. It’s both.

If you've drawn thousands of trend lines like I have, you get pretty good at it. That type of skill is hard to program into a robot.

Here is the secret: You don't have to ask your EA to draw trendlines. Draw the trendline yourself and then create a really simple EA that watches your trendline for you.  Actually, create a few and have your EA watch trendlines on multiple timeframes and multiple charts! 

"build a trend line watcher in about 3 minutes

You can build lot more with VTS than these 3 little single purpose bots. But these are a good start.

If you've been thinking of getting started with MT4 and using some automation in your trading, I've put together an offer - a really good offer - to help you get started.

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