The following table provides information about each parameter of the fnGetOrderInfo function.


The type of information requested (that matches the Order Selection criteria):

INFO_LOTS:Get the lot size of an open order.

INFO_MAGICNUMBER :Get the magic number of an open order.

INFO_OPENPRICE :Get the lot size of an open order.

INFO_OPENTIME :Get the open time of an open order.

INFO_PROFIT :Get the profit of an open order (this value can be negative)

INFO_STOPLOSS :Get the stoploss of an open order.

INFO_TAKEPROFIT :Get the takeprofit of an open order.

INFO_SWAP :Get the swap value of an open order.

INFO_TICKET :Get the ticket of an open order.

INFO_ORDERTYPE :Get the order type of an open order.

INFO_TOTALORDERS :Get the total number of orders that match the selection criteria.

Order Selection

Determines what orders of the Account are queried.

  • All: all open orders on the account.
  • Symbol: only open orders matching the selected symbol.
  • Order Type: only open orders of the selected order type.
  • MagicNumber: only open orders with a matching magicnumber.
  • Exact Ticket: only open orders with the matching order ticket.

Note: Selecting Exact Ticket disables all other selection criteria.

The bottom portion of the window allows the Element Name to be saved.