Complete 'Done For You' Service

I'm happy to offer a limited number of slots for a complete 'Done For You' Expert Advisor service. And I mean complete! I work with you one-on-one until your trading system is ready to go. The process unfolds in many different ways because it is a custom, personalized service. That said, these are some of the highlights of the 'Done For You' Service.

First thing, we have a friendly phone conversation to discuss your trading style, goals and the system you have in mind. It's also an opportunity to get to know each other. We'll be working together for a while, so it's important we have a good relationship.

Shortly after the initial phone interview, we deep-dive your trading strategy idea and discuss how we can turn the idea into a fully-automated Expert Advisor. We talk about how the EA should work and you explain what you have in mind.  As we discuss each part of your trading system, I'll identify the easy parts and the challenging parts.  When I do this, I always keep in mind how to test and qualify the EA. We typically do this a few times.

I begin to design and build your EA, using my VTS EA Builder, pure MQL, or even a custom DLL (Dynamic Link Library) if that is what is required. Whatever it takes. As I build your EA, I can show you each step, or I can provide an overview. How much you want to be involved in building the EA is completely up to you.  Using a DLL, I can write in any computer language, connect to any service or API, basically tackle any problem that can't be solved with MQL. The sky is the limit.

Next, I deploy your candidate EA onto a variety of test systems. I stress- test the EA and identify any EA weaknesses. I find out when the EA gets into trouble, when it should not trade (days, hours, etc.), and find strategies to get the EA out of trouble (it happens). We don't move forward until you are satisfied with the testing results.

We find the best broker for your EA. If you have a broker that you like, that's fine. Otherwise, we can shop around and find the best execution at the best price for the currency pairs your EA trades.

MT4 Platform

I deploy your production EA onto any number of MetaTrade´╗┐r platforms. We identify the best platform for you and your EA:  A local PC with a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), a laptop, or even a VPS (Virtual Private Server). By now, we both understand the vulnerabilities to outages of your EA due to its nature, so we deploy the EA to the most appropriate environment.

This is a high-end service offered for traders who want to work together with a professional to completely build an EA, AND they have the money to spend on a high-end service.

Most coaches (or "mentors") that provide this kind of service charge several thousand dollars, often up to $10,000. And you certainly don't get a fully automated trading system out of the deal.  With my "Done For You" service  you work closely with me throughout the entire process. I've been developing software for over 25 years and have been working with MetaTrader since MetaTrader 3.0 was first released about 7 years ago. (I knew MetaTrader was a big deal the first time I saw it).  There are very few people that have the deep technical knowledge that I have and are able to communicate complex ideas in laymen terms, and work closely with every-day traders.

This service is not cheap. It starts at $999. If you don't have $999 to spend on developing a trading system and furthering your trading education I completely understand. This offer is not for you. Please take advantage of the club membership and my free videos to economically teach yourself how to build your EA. I sincerely want all traders to have the ability to create their own EA's. This service is offered in the same vain, but it jump-starts the process and gives you a partner and mentor to get any trading system, even a highly complex one, completely coded and running.

This entire process can take days, weeks, even months. It's up to you how fast you want to go, but there is no time limit. There is no "end time". We work on it until we get it right.

And as an added benefit (and only if you like) you can meet with and discuss your trading ideas with other professional traders that enjoy my high-end service. It's a bit like a master-mind group.

Will I sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)? Yes, of course. I have signed many, but there is never a need. I will not share your ideas with anyone. This is a trust issue. You need to trust me, and that only comes with time. Since there is no end-time with this offer, we can move slowly, get to know to each other, work together on your system and build a trusting relationship. I always look forward to meeting new traders and getting to know them.

MT4 Platform

If your trading system is highly complicated, there is a non-refundable fee of $99 for me to review your system. Why do I charge this? Because my time is valuable and I can't waste time with tire-kickers. The $99 fee is applied towards the cost of the 'Done For You' service if you decide to go forward.  

The total charge for most EA's using the 'Done For You' service is $999. However, occasionally there are exceptions with very complex trading systems. In any case, we agree upon a total cost before work begins. There are no surprises. Contact me to learn more.

Get it Done with the "Done For You Service"

If you are interested in getting started or learning more, send me a short email at  There is only one of me, so this service is always limited. My calendar fills quickly whenever I offer this service.  I encourage you to contact me today if the above description sounds inviting to you.

Send me a Simple Email to Get Started

P.S.  Imagine, just a few weeks from now, you are running a fully automated version of your trading system in a stable, hands-free, proven environment using a broker matched to your trading style.  Like I said, there is only one of me and I can only take on a few of these projects, so please don't wait too long if you are interested in working together.