Free-Range Drag and Drop Expert Advisor Builder

You're very smart to show interest in my EA Builder :)

You can download the Builder from this page. Also, I just sent you an email with a download link so you can download the builder at anytime (in case you're reading this on your mobile device).

I call my EA Builder Visual Traders Studio (VTS), because it allows you to visually build your trading strategy. VTS offers an unlimited free-range, drag and drop interface that lets you build a trading system in any way. There are no limitations.

My name is David Williams, I'm the creator of the VTS EA Builder and I've been showing traders how to build EA's for the last 8 years.

So, why would you want to become good, or even great, at building EA's? Well the obvious answer for most traders is "for the money!"  And of course this is why we trade the Forex market. To Make Money.

The Money

There are a lot of different strategies available for making money in Forex, and a lot of scams. Actually, I think most people allow themselves to be scammed. This includes me.

Some advertisements for Forex trading systems are so enticing, aren't they? I think we buy them even though we know the claims are ludicrous. Sometimes I'll buy one just because I'm curious!  And you know what? Occasionally I get a few clever ideas from these EA's. Little nuggets that I can use at some time.

For example, I recently bought a trading system from a pretty well-known trader named Rob Booker. Definitely not a scam, by the way.  It's a system for trading the Mexican Peso. I would have never thought of trading the Mexican Peso. I spend most of my effort on the majors. But it's a good system. It uses trend lines (which I love) and the time of day. (By the way, both trend line and time of day logic can be implemented in VTS.)

I'm not going to offer any promises about making money in the Forex market. I will pass along any good strategies that I find to be useful, and I'll certainly provide you with plenty of software, indicators and apps that will help you trade. But I'm not in the business of making hyped-up claims of making millions by running an Expert Advisor.

Honestly, I don’t enjoy any of the marketing associated with an online business. I enjoy programming. I enjoy building powerful tools in a way that traders can use them creatively. I want to partner with traders and be the go-to developer that sets them up with the software solutions they need. This is what I love to do, and I'm happy to provide you with these tools. If you are a Forex Trader and your looking for help with the automated aspect of your trading, then I believe we can build a good partnership.

If you have some market knowledge, and your able to slap together EA's quickly, I think the money will follow. So my goal is to help you learn how to slap together your own EA's at will.

First a Warning: This may not be for you

The only investment you need to make right now is your time. But please don't take that too lightly. We only have a finite amount of time and have to be careful how we spend it. If you choose to put the time and energy into learning how to build EA's, I will do my best to help you, and I'm confident you will succeed. But it will require work on your part. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

By the way, the free trial lasts for 10 days. If you need more time, just let me know. It's not a big deal to extend the trial.

Is this easy?

Now, you may be wondering, is building an EA easy? The answer is no, not really. If the EA is very simple, then yes, it can be put together pretty easily. But real EA's are rarely simple.  They become complex rather quickly, and complex EA's are not easy to build.

My secret for teaching you

So bottom line, building EA's is not easy. However, I have a method that lets traders get a fast start. I like to start traders with very simple, single-purpose EA's. Like I said, EA's can be complex. And it is a big mistake to start out trying to build a fully functioning trading system with open trade logic, close trade logic, logically defined stoploss and takeprofit values, timed exits and/or specific profit exits. You can get there, but it's just easier to break it up into its simplest parts, understand them fully and then later after some success, piece together the parts in your own creative ways.

These single purpose EA's are the secret I use to help traders: start small, gain confidence and get a full understanding of a simple EA, and then add to your knowledge as you go.

Expect to continue to learn for long time. After 30 years of programming in general, and 10 years of programming MQL, I still learn new techniques on a regular basis.

I've got a whole bunch of these pre-built single-purpose EA's that you can use. You can run them, you can modify them, and you can build them from scratch by yourself if you like. (I highly recommend this.)

If you put in some effort, you will fully understand each of these little EA's. And if you fully understand each of these single-purpose EA's, then you can piece them together and fully understand how to build a complete, complex EA. Seriously, the only limitation is your desire to succeed.

Imagine having the skill to collect new trading ideas and then automate them at will.

Think about it, people publish great ideas about trade setups all the time. Other people are experts on how to close a trade - either profitable or in the red. Still other legitimate experts concentrate on finding levels of support and resistant so you can pinpoint profit targets.

When you are proficient at building EA's, you take all of this disparate information, from various sources, and put it all together in your own automate trading system. How exciting is that?

The whole package

No one else does this. No ones else bundles real-world EA's with a builder. Or supplies videos showing how those very trading systems were built. No one else provides these EA's with re-usable parts that you can drag-and-drop from one system to another. Think Frankenstein, but in a good way.

Why I love MetaTrader

In my opinion, MetaTrader is one of the best opportunities ever offered to non-professional retail traders. MetaTrader is free (always), supports demo accounts, supports "micro" accounts, and supports automated trading using Expert Advisors. How great is that?

MetaTrader costs no money to get started. You can trade on a demo account as long as you like. When you are ready to trade with real money, you can use a micro account so you are literally trading with pennies. And again, for no cost, you can fully automate part or all of your trading strategy.

So MetaTrader actually offers three types of accounts: standard, mini and micro. In a standard account each pip is worth $10, in a mini account each pip is worth $1 and in a micro account a pip is worth 10 cents. I really meant it when I said that you could trade in pennies. Micro accounts really help and this leads to the best trading advice I've ever received.

Best trading advice ever

The only way to fail at trading is to lose your entire account. And the only way to lose your entire account is to trade too big.

For the love of God, keep your trades small, don't focus on the money, focus on success. Think "micro" account. Trade so small that you're never uptight about the outcome. Seriously, who cares if you lose a few dollars on a trade? Just get better at trading.

Full automation?

Don't get freaked out by full automation. The name of the game is to make money. To be profitable. It does not matter how.

EA's are a tool for you to use however you see fit. Take whatever help you can get. Maybe you just need help watching charts, but you are more comfortable opening trades manually. That’s ok. Or maybe you want your trades opened automatically, but you like tending to the open trade and closing it yourself. Or the opposite: you like to run an EA on a trade you opened manually and use the EA to close the trade.

Don’t get hung up on full automaton. Take whatever help you can get however you can get it.

How to get started

First download VTS. You can download it here, or you can download it later when you are in front of your trading computer. Like I said earlier, I sent you an email with a download link, so you can download anytime, anywhere. And about the email, check your junk email folder if you don’t see it.

(Here are some specific white list instructions to help my email get through to you.)

If you used a fake email address because you thought I might spam you, I understand. I promise I won't spam you, and these days you may have noticed that any decent company that operates on the internet uses an email service that forces you to include an opt-out link at the bottom of every email. So if you don't like my emails, or me, you can click the opt-out link at the bottom and you'll never receive another.

(If you did use a fake email you are welcome to continue the trial.  Everything will work, but obviously you won't receive any emails from me that might help you along. Feel free to go back and sign up again with your real email address, or send me a note and I can manually update your trial account. No hard feelings, I promise.)

Install VTS

VTS installs like any other Windows program. Just double-click the setup file and it does the rest. Enter your email address the first time VTS runs (real or fake :).

VTS will try to locate your MetaTrader platform if you have one installed. You can also manually point VTS to your MT platform, or the specific MT platform you wish to use with VTS. (I have about six MT platforms installed at anytime!)

Here is the key: Don't get held up by anything. Ask for help if needed. Get it going. Don't accept failure. This is the attitude you will need for EA building and trading in general. Be tenacious and focused and ask me for help when you need it.

Next, watch some videos, follow the tutorials and read my emails. The best way to break up a complex subject (like building EA's) is to consume the information in small chunks on a regular basis. Email is ideal for this methodology.

Learn more right now

You are probably curious about VTS and might like more information before you install it on your computer.  Here is a short video that provides an overview of VTS

Not to show off, but in this video I show how quickly you can build a single purpose EA once you get the hang of VTS.

Click here to view more single-purpose robots (and download the EA's)

A few questions answered

The same few questions come up a lot, so I'll answer them right here.

Do I need to learning MQL? No, but it helps. As you learn to use VTS you'll be exposed to some MQL. If you want to dig deeper to get a better understanding, VTS can be used to help you learn more about MQL.

Does VTS support Custom Indicators? Is it easy?  Yes. VTS supports every aspect of MQL, so yes, VTS supports importing and using Custom Indicators in your EA.  However, it is rarely easy. Some Custom Indicators can be very hard to work with.  I actually created a wizard in VTS that helps you analyze a Custom Indicator. Also, I have trading system, with videos, that shows exactly how to use a color-changing Custom Indicator in an EA. Color changing Custom Indicators are some of the most challenging. 

The trading system is based on the Hull Moving Average.

Who owns the EA's created by VTS?  You do, they are your intellectual property.  VTS generates the MQL and then builds the executable Expert Advsor. Both the MQL and the EA are your property and you are free to edit or use them in any way.

Links to more help

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