Do VTS EA’s run on Live Accounts

Q:  Do you have to add a specific function in VTS to the EA for it to work on live and demo?

For example there is a ‘Demo’ function you can add in VTS is this necessary for it to work on demo

and if so is there also a similar funciton needed for a live account.


A:  No, there is nothing you need to do to allow the EA to run on a Live or Demo account. By default, any EA created by VTS will run on a live or demo account, and also will run in the strategy tester.


However, there are functions you can use to control logic based on the account type. They are found in the Functions Toolbox, under Advanced->Checkup



The MQL IsDemo function returns a value of true or false (true for Demo, false for Real – that’s why there is no IsReal!)


You can easily created logic to force the EA to exist if the EA is running on a Live account (wise thing to do until you are sure you are ready to go):