How Can I Add New Currency Symbols to the VTS EA Builder?

Q: How can I add new symbols to the VTS EA Builder so that they appear in the pull-down menu?


A: You can add new symbols by editing the symbols.lst file located at:

       C:\Program Files (x86)\iExpertAdvisor\Visual Trader Studio Connect\cfg\lists\symbols.lst


Right-click the file, select “Open with” and then select Notepad.  This is what the file looks like:



Do not delete any of the existing lines.  However, feel free to any new values to a new line. 

The symbol name must be in quotes

The MT Platform must support the symbol name


For example, for mini or micor accounts, you may want to add:



After you have made the changes, save and close the symbols.lst file, and then restart VTS.


After you have restarted the VTS EA Builder, you will see the new symbols available for selection:



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