How do I open a VTS ZIP file?

Q: How do I open a VTS ZIP file?  Also, how can I get just the Expert Advisor from the ZIP.

A: To open a VTS ZIP file just drag and drop the ZIP file onto the VTS Welcome screen where it says “Drop system file here“.  To see this on the Welcome screen, click the “Create New System” button.


After the VTS loads the ZIP file, all of the files within the ZIP are shown. You can click the ckeckbox to select what files to open and then click the “Click Here to Open Selected Files” button.

Most of the VTS ZIP files I’ve created lately include the Expert Advisor MQL and EX4 files. (If they do not, load the VTS system above and click the Build button to generate the files.)

The VTS ZIP file is a regular ZIP file and can be extracted like any other ZIP file. The below image shows the contents of a VTS ZIP file in Windows explorer. The MQL and EX4 file can be copied directly into your MetaTrader folder.


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