Move-to-Breakeven Single Purpose Expert Advisor

This simple and powerful Expert Advisor takes about 2 minutes to build using the VTS EA Builder.

The #1 rule of trading is, and always will be, don't lose money. Sometimes a trade goes against you right away. There is not much you can do in that situation, you just have to allow your stoploss to take you out of the bad trade for a loss 🙁

But more often, a trade will move around a little bit, and you'll have an opportunity to move your stoploss to breakeven. That is, if you are watching the trade on each tick. Stop watching. It's unhealthy to stare at an open trade anyway. Instead, just run this "mini-robot" and let it do the watching for you.

Watch this video to see how fast and easy it is to build the Move-to-Breakeven "mini robot".  You can download the EA below.