What is the dlevel for in the Fibonacci Plug-in?

Q: What is dlevel in the Fibo plugin used for?



The normal Fibonocci values that most traders use are 21.6%, 38,3% , 50%, and 61.8%
After I initally released the Fibo Plug-in, there was a request to check different levels.
So I introduced a new parameter named “dlevel” (the d stands for double) that allows a trader to enter any value.


Here is the info from the help file:




This can be any user-define percentage. For example: 25% is expressed as 25.0.

NOTE: If the dlevel parameter is set to any value besides 0, dlevel will be used to get the price and level will be ignored.


Note that dlevel is ignored if it is zero. In the case when dlevel is zero, the value of the level parameter is used.


Help docs are available from the support page: http://www.iexpertadvisor.com/iexpertadvisor-support-2/


The dlevel parameter is available for two Fibonocci Plug-in functions: fnGetFiboValue and fnIsFiboLevelBroken.


Fibonacci Function: fnGetFiboValue


Fibonacci Function: fnIsFiboLevelBroken


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