About iExpertAdvisor

iExpertAdvisor, LLC was established and incorporated in 2005 by David M. Williams.

When the MetaTrader platform was first introduced there was a great need for programming services for FOREX traders.

Originally, iExpertAdvisor provided only programming services.  After years of writing Expert Advisors and Custom Indicators for hundreds of traders worldwide, the idea of an Expert Advisor builder was born.

The first version of iExpertAdvisor’s EA Builder, Visual Traders Studio (VTS), was released in 2007. The second generation was released in 2009 and the latest version, VTS-Connect was released in 2012. Each version was built based on the generous feedback of thousands of FOREX traders from over 70 different countries.

iExpertAdvisor is located in the beautiful hills of Litchfield County in northwestern Connecticut.