iExpertAdvisor Affiliate Program

Earn Cash Selling iExpertAdvsor Products! 50% Commission Paid on All Product Sales, Including the Advantage Club!

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The iExpertAdvisor affiliate program is an easy way for you to make some extra cash.

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We currently provide a 50% commission on all of our products, including our Advantage Club membership product.

With the Advantage Club, you receive a commission up to $15 every month for each customer that you sign up for as long as they remain an Advantage Club member.

Important Information

For awarding commissions, we use the first click “wins” method.

  • The affiliate that first sends the lead to iExpertAdvisor receives the commission when a sale is made.
  • Here is an example with real numbers:
  • Consider an iExpertAdvisor product that sells for $300. The commission on all iExpertAdvisor products is 50%, so the total commission to be earned on this product is $150.
  • When a sale is made, the affiliate that first sent the lead to iExpertAdvisor, perhaps to signup for a free trial, receives 100% of the commission: $150.

Feel free to use your own system where you generate fresh leads, send them for the free trial and then follow up for the final sale.  We’ll be adding assets (emails, ads, etc) to the affiliate area that will help you do this over the next few weeks.


Commissions are verified at the end of each month, 1 month after the sale was sent. (This is because of our 30-day refund policy). Payments are then sent within the first week of the next month.

We are open to feedback, if you have ideas or opinions, let us know.

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