Custom Calendar Toolkit: MT4 Custom Indicator

Use Breaking News Events in Your Mt4 Expert Advisor

Imagine if your Expert Advisor was aware of upcoming News Events.

Imagine if your EA knew the Non Farm Payroll report was about to be released. Or Existing Home Sales. Or the Consumer Price Index.

Custom Calendar Toolkit with MT4 Custom Indicator

And imagine your EA automatically moved the stops on your open trades – Saving you hundreds!  Boy, this would have saved me a lot of money over the last few years. And it’s going to save me a lot  money this year.

“You see, I got sick and tired of getting blown out of trades – and losing money –  because of  news announcements.  I mean, I knew about the announcements, but I would forget to adjust my open trades.”

The thing is, there are hundreds of reports released every day. Not all of them affect every currency, but it’s a real nightmare to keep track of every important event.

That’s why I created the Custom Calendar Toolkit.

The Custom Calendar Toolkit allows you to incorporate news events into your automated trading strategies, including your MetaTrader 4 Expert Advisors.

The Toolkit includes a Management Console for creating and managing calendar events and a MetaTrader MT4 Custom Indicator that plots the value of market-impacting events.

You can read the full documentation here: Custom Calendar Toolkit User Guide

Don’t lose any more of your hard-earned money because of planned news announcements!

There is just no excuse for it. Use the Custom Calendar Toolkit to protect yourself.

Right now, the entire Toolkit, including the Management Console and the MT4 Custom Indicator is yours for only $79. Get your copy today.


$129  $79


Watch this Video to See the Custom Calendar Toolkit in Action

Get the entire Toolkit today, including the Management Console, the MT4 Custom Indicator and a sample Expert Advisor for only $79.


$129  $79