The EA Secure Plug-in for the VTS MT4 Expert Advisor Builder

Use the EA Secure Plug-in to add a license key to your Expert Advisors. Users can not run your EA without entering a license key. 

With the EA Secure plug-in, you can control the account number, the type of account and the length of time that users can run your Expert Advisor.

Easy Configuration

You can configure the Licensing of your EA to:

  • Require a matching account number. The EA will only run on the MetaTrader account that you have authorized.
  • Define the Account Type. Allow the EA to run on Demo accounts, but prohibit Real (Live) trading accounts. Great for FREE Trials.
  • Include an Expiration date. Allow the EA to run until a certain date. Great for subscriptions.
  • Define a Secret key. You can manually enter a key, Or use the handy Auto-Generate feature to generate a key for you.
  • Define a Wildcard key. Create a key with unlimited access. Great for testing and for customer support.
  • Display a custom Message on the MT4 chart when the license fails to validate. Automatically notifiy your client's when to resubscribe.

All of these Security features are easily added to any VTS Expert Advisor using the EA Secure Plug-in configuration window.

Read the entire EA Secure User Guide Here

iExpertAdvisor Money Back Guarantee

Like All of my products, this Plug-in comes with Two Promises: FREE updates and a Life Time Guarantee.Free Lifetime Updates: I’m always on the look-out for new methods. When I add new options to this Plug-in, you’ll receive them free of charge.  I personally create all of my own software products and I stand behind them. I offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee on every product.

Only $79.00 USD​