The iExpertAdvisor EA Builder ADVANTAGE Club

“I want access to Professional-Grade EA’s that I can run Today…  AND I want to make my own changes to them – without writing MQL!”

iExpertAdvisor ADVANTAGE Club

iExpertAdvisor ADVANTAGE Club

The iExpertAdvisor ADVANTAGE Club offers immediate and constant access to the latest, unique and powerful MetaTrader algorithmic trading solutions.

As you may know, iExpertAdvisor’s Expert Advisor Builder (Visual Traders Studio – VTS) is a free-range, drag and drop EA builder. VTS generates MQL code from the drawings that you create.

The VTS EA Builder has over 4000 users and sells in over 90 countries worldwide.

And VTS is extendable. I’ve found a way to support unique and advanced MetaTrader techniques through the use of Plug-Ins.

A Plug-In is a separate software component that lets you seamlessly implement advanced techniques. Once you enable a plug-in it works inside of VTS.  Just like any other VTS feature.

Case Study: Building a Trading Grid

A short time ago, some VTS users were asking “How can I create a trading grid?” These traders wanted an easy way to build their own custom grid.  A grid that opened different size trades as their currency moved through each price level.  And, most importantly, they wanted the grid to close when their profit target was reached.

Now, you can build a trading Grid using the VTS drag and drop builder, but it’s tedious.  So I created the FxPowerGrid Plug-in. With this plug-in, you just drag and drop the fnGrid function onto the drawing pad and then use its custom user interface to add and configure as many levels as you need in your grid.

The FxPowerGrid Plug-in is a great example of how a plug-in can help your trading. There is simply no other way to allow a trader to create a custom grid.  Sure, any good MQL coder can build a grid EA that allows you to set a few configuration values. But in order to give you complete control of your grid, you need an EA Builder to generate the MQL code. There is no other way. VTS is the only EA builder that allows you do things like build a custom trading grid.

Price Patterns

Another popular plug-in is the Candlestick Library Plug-in.  This plug-in allows your EA to identify popular candlestick patterns, like a  Doji or Hammer Bull. You use the candlestick functions just like any MetaTrader indicator.  In other words, your logic reads like this: “if a Doji pattern is present, then open a buy order …”.

The other great thing about the candle stick plug-in is that the each pattern-recognition function is created as a drawing. So, aside from being a useful function, it serves as a great educational example.  It shows you how to create your own custom drawings.

Today, I have about 14 VTS Plug-ins, with new ones created on an ongoing basis. You can see them all here: Latest VTS Plug-Ins.

Break Your Learning Curve

Speaking of education, I’ve found over the last few years that VTS users learn best when they have access to lots of already-created, ready-to-go, VTS systems.  So I built them.

These VTS systems show you exactly how different trading techniques are implemented.  And then you press a single button to build your working EA.  And, if you want to make changes to the system, you don’t need MQL skills. You use the VTS drag and drop interface to make your changes and then rebuild your EA.

Do You Need This?

Personally, I don’t believe that all trading must be automated.  But I do believe that every traders should use some kind of automation.

Some traders prefer to open their trades manually, and then run an EA to close the trade.  Others traders do the opposite: they open their trades using an EA, and then close them manually.

One thing is clear. Automated trading is not going away. The amount of automated trading, on nearly all exchanges (not just FOREX), has increased year-over-year for the last 10 consecutive years.

In my opinion, if you are a serious FOREX trader, you need to learn how to take full advantage of the MetaTrader platform.  It’s becoming too difficult to compete unless you use all of the all of the tools at your disposal.  Including, and especially, Expert Advisors.

What Ted Really Needs

I had an epiphany while helping a club member. I’ll call him Ted. Ted wanted to use the entry drawing from the EverGreen system and some of the setup drawings from the MarketBuster system. And he needed the Client-Stops Plug-in. (Ted does not trust his broker).  In short, it seemed like Ted needed access to everything to complete his EA:  All of my plug-ins and all of my systems.

I thought long and hard about the easiest way to do this.  (Easiest for you and easiest for me).  The result is the new Advantage Club.

Get All of My Plug-ins AND All of my Trading Systems – Today

When you join the club, you immediately have access to all Plug-ins and all Trading systems. And of course, all training material.

It’s easy for you because have a single place to get everything you need.  It’s easy for me because all I have to concentrate on is dumping more and more great products into the club.

For example, suppose we (some club members and I) design a new trading system that uses a neural network to make AI-based decisions. (AI stands for Artificial Intelligence ). I build the VTS system based on the design, create 1 or 2 plug-ins to support the neural network and IA drawings and dump all this into the club area.

Bam!  Just like that you have full access to everything you need to build your own AI system.  That’s easy for me.  It let’s me concentrate on system building. And it’s easy for you: You get immediate access to the goods without having to do anything!

How Do You Join the Club?

Remember, there are over 4000 VTS users in over 90 countries worldwide. I can’t handle or support a club that large.  So, I’m limiting the number of club members to 500.

If you’re serious about joining the club, please don’t hesitate because I expect it to fill pretty quickly.

What does it Cost?

The cost is $99 the first month and then $30 per month thereafter.  The $99 is not refundable, so be sure you are serious about building your own EAs.  Of course, you can quit at anytime. You are not locked into a long term commitment.

 Some questions you may have …

Q: Do I really get every trading system and plug-in you have?
A: Yup. Everything.

Q: Am I billed every month?

A: Yes, every month you are billed $30.

Q: Am I locked into a contract?
A: No, you can cancel at any time and we will stop billing you.

Q: Is the initial $99 fee for the first month refundable?
A: No, the $99 fee is not refundable.

Q: What do you mean “you get all this, and more, for $30 a month”?

A: We are constantly adding value to the ADVANTAGE Club. There are updates to the VTS Application to specifically to support Club members as well as guest editorials, full ready-to-go trading systems (EAs), Plug-ins and more.

Q: If I join, will the price ever go up?

A: No. Once you join, you will be locked into the $30 price.  The price of the ADVANTAGE Club membership will increase as new content and value is added to the club, but you will be locked in at today’s $30 price.

Join the ADVANTAGE Club: Two Ways to Get On-board Today 

1.  If you already own the VTS Expert Advisor Builder, join the ADVANTAGE Club today for just $99 (+$30/Month).
$99 USD + $30/Month
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2.  If you don’t own VTS, get VTS AND start your ADVANTAGE Club membership today for just $189 (+$30/Month).  $189 USD + $30/Month
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If you have any questions, feel free to email us at 

-David Willams