MQL For Traders: Learn MQL Programming

MQL For Traders Ebook: Step-by-Step Learning

Learn To Build a MetaTrader Expert Advisor in One Day! This book is a 112 page step-by-step tutorial designed to teach anybody how to program in MQL in about 1 day.

What is MQL For Traders?

MQL For Traders: Learn To Build a MetaTrader Expert Advisor in One Day

MQL For Traders: Learn To Build a MetaTrader Expert Advisor in One Day

About This Book

Learn MQL today. This book makes no assumptions about the MQL programming experience of the reader. The goal of this book is to teach a trader, with no programming experience, how to build a moderately sophisticated Expert Advisor in a single day.

This book is broken into modules, where each module addresses a specific goal. Generally each module builds upon information presented in previous modules.

At the start of each module, the objective of the module is defined along with a list of what will be covered. This is done so that a module can skipped if the reader is familiar with the objectives. Similarly, a module can be reread if the needed.

In order to meet the requirement of teaching a trader to build an Expert Advisor in a single day many subjects are quickly reviewed. This does not mean the subject is not important – but it is not so important that a complete and thorough understanding can’t be delayed until our first objective is met.

Within the module sections of the book, I have purposely tried to leave out as much information as possible. You don’t hear that every day! In other words, the module sections of the book introduce only the information that is essential to learn how to build an Expert Advisor.

The appendix of the book is used to provide deeper information on selected topics along with expanded examples. Where appropriate, there are references to the appendix throughout the module sections of the book.

If your goal is to reach the point where you can build an Expert Advisor as fast as possible, then ignore all references to the appendix or advanced topics.

If you have more time and are interested in increasing your depth of MQL programming, then spending the time to review the advanced information in the appendix will be time well spent.

Note: The appendix of this book is a living document. Updates will be made to the appendix based on user feedback and the introduction of new programming techniques.

I have gone through great effort to not use words or phrases specific to programming or MQL without defining them first. If you come across a word or phrase that you do not understand, and it is not defined in the book, it is probably not specific to programming or MQL. If you cannot find the meaning of a word, or you think it is a missed definition, please email me at:

 Who Should Read MQL For Traders?

Traders interested in building their own winning Expert Advisor.
Anybody interested in learning how to program in the only free trading system programing language: MQL.
Are you a chart-watching discretionary trader?  Read MQL For Traders to learn how to automate your manual trading system.

Are you new to FOREX trading? Learn the inherent advantages of mechanical system trading. Get started off on the right foot and start running a winning trading system immediately.

Read the Preface of MQL For Traders below.


Writing the computer code to create an Expert Advisor has some similarities to writing a grammar school essay. They both have a very specific goal. For the Expert Advisor, the goal is to automate a trading system. For the essay, the goal is to communicate some information.

Each of these goals can be reached in many ways.

But when we are young – learning to write an essay for the first time – we are given a well-defined structure to follow. We are strongly advised to follow the rules of grammar until we are able to understand the subtle consequences of bending or breaking the rules. (My native language is English, but I assume that grammatical rules and structure of English are similarly applied to other languages).

In other words, when you get older, and have been writing for some time, you may bend or break the rules of grammar – as long as you fully understand the effect these changes will have on the goal of the essay.

After all, the real goal of the Essay is to communicate – not to write perfect grammar.

Similarly, the real goal of an Expert Advisor is automate a trading system – not to write perfect computer code.

The reason I make this comparison is because I am going to propose a framework for building an Expert Advisor. My own set of rules.

This framework is not the only way to build an Expert Advisor, as there are an infinite number of ways to build the same Expert Advisor. However, this framework and its rules provide a sound structure for a beginner. And like the student learning to write an essay, the trader learning to write an Expert Advisor should initially accept the rules as they are proposed. Later, as the trader’s knowledge of MQL programming increases, she can challenge the rules and the structure and apply her own creativity to the task of building an automated trading system.


MQL For Traders Will Help You Learn MQL

Learn to turn your own creative ideas into winning trading systems.

The base system, iStarter.mq4, which is used to exemplify The iExpertAdvisor Method, is a simple but complete Expert Advisor.

To learn what mechanical trading is really like, you need to actually run a system. Since the MetaTrader platform is free and widely available, you can start running a system within days of purchasing MQL For Traders.

Don’t waste your valuable time trying to learn MQL alone: Read MQL For Traders and learn in a few days what takes most traders months to learn.


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