MetaTrader MQL Course Index

Complete MetaTrader MQL Course Index

Course 1: Getting Started with the MetaTrader Platform

Module 1: The Platform

Module 2: The Expert Advisor

Module 3: Opening a Trade

Module 4: Using an Indicator

Module 5: Trade Management Using OrderSelect

Course 2: Building and Running Expert Advisors

Module 6: Closing a Trade using OrderClose

Module 7: User Functions in MQL

Module 8: Opening Trades for Any MetaTrader Symbol

Module 9: Using MQL Time-Based Rules

Module 10: Implementing a Cross-Over with MQL programming

Course 3: Expert Advisor Advanced Concepts

Module 11: Using Channels in an Expert Advisor

Module 12: Using a Trailing Stop in an Expert Advisor

Module 13: Using a Trendline in an Expert Advisor

Module 14: Partial Close of an Open Order using OrderClose



  1. Carlos Silva says:

    Since I join your site I can see How difference is the way that you teach
    I’m so excited to be part the your group.
    Thanks so much for your dedication and Support

    Carlos Silva

  2. Yes
    I want to learn

  3. Peter Siewert says:

    Hello David,
    I am looking for the sign up box for your mql training course. I Noticed the previously issued modules, which I will start with. Your iEA-VTM building system is very impressive. I have become a “trainee” user.

    • Hi Peter,

      This page lists all of the course modules that you can follow at your own pace. We used to offer the same modules via email (one email a week or so), but most traders wanted a different pace, so we just made it all available. If there is interest in the email course, we can offer it again, Just let us know.

  4. Roberto Stefano says:

    Dear David,
    I really appreciate what you do.
    It is extremely useful for professional traders.
    Thanks again.

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