Identify Over 50 Powerful CandleStick Patterns

Candlestick Patterns Provide You with Powerful Price-driven, Non-lagging, Information about the Current Market.

  • Programatically identify Candlestick Patterns Without Watching Your Computer 24x7
  • Combine Candle Patterns with Other Logic to Create Unique (and Profitable) Trade Signals
  • Easily Use Candle Patterns for Your  Trade Entries and Trade Exits
  • Easily Add Your Own Candle Patterns to this Library and Trade the Forex Market Like No One Else

Most patterns are pretty easy to spot with a trained eye, but Why not use your computer to find them for you? The VTS Candlestick Library Plug-in can identify over 50 of the most powerful and useful candlestick patterns. As you may know, my Expert Advisor Builder (Visual Traders Studio) is a free-range, drag and drop EA builder. VTS generates MQL code from the drawings that you create.Using the Candlestick Plug-in, you can drag and drop any of the 54 candlestick patterns onto the drawing pad and include them in the logic of your EA.

Candlestick Pattern Library Plug-in for MT4 Expert Advisor Builder

Candlestick Pattern Library Plug-in for MT4 Expert Advisor Builder



Use Your Expert Advisor to Identify Candlestick Patterns

Suppose you want your EA to check for a Three White Soldiers pattern before you open a buy trade. You simply drag, drop and connect a Three White Soldiers element and then use it in your open-trade logic. Don’t want to open a trade? No problem. You can just as easily sound an alert, or send an email when the pattern is recognized. This is done with a few mouse clicks in VTS.

The VTS Candlestick Library Offers Benefits You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Made For Forex

These patterns have been created especially for the Forex market. Because Forex is a 24×6 market, gaps between candles are rare. (A market gaps when the close price of the previous candle is not the same as the open price of the current candle).

Originally, candlestick patterns were created using daily timeframes for markets with a definitive close and open time – and there were frequent gaps between the open and close price. The patterns in this library use significant changes in price movement instead of gaps for most patterns that rely on close/open gaps.

White-Box Code: 100% Visibility of the Logic

The inner-workings of each pattern is fully visible.

Actually, the logic of each candle is a drawing that you can view, copy or edit. It’s the same kind of drawing that you create for your own systems.

I purposely created each candlestick pattern as a simple drawing so that you can view and learn from it. You can view all of the logic. You can even copy and modify any of the patterns.

Any Timeframe, Any Symbol

You can identify a pattern for any Symbol and Timeframe regardless of the chart that your EA is running on.

This means you can create an EA that runs and opens trades on a EURUSD 30-minute chart, but “looks” at candle patterns on a GBPUSD 5-minute chart.

When you drag, drop and connect a candlestick pattern onto your drawing, you set the symbol and timeframe to any values supported by your MetaTrader broker.

Customizable Parameters

Some Candlestick patterns use the phrases small and large in their description.

For example, the pattern Engulfing Bullish Line is described as “a small black candle that is contained within a large white candle”.

Small and large are relative terms, so I use the MT Platform function iATR (average true ratio) indicator to define small and large.

The ATR has worked good for me, but you can easily use your own definitions of small and large. When you drag, drop and connect a candlestick pattern onto your drawing, you define the small and large values using any of the indicators, price values, or other information available from the MetaTrader platform.

Here is the List of the 54 Candle Patterns Included in the Candlestick Library

  • Bearish 3 method formation
  • Bearish harami
  • Bearish harami cross
  • Big black candle
  • Big white candle
  • Black body
  • Bullish 3 method formation
  • Bullish Harami
  • Bullish Harami Cross
  • Dark cloud cover
  • Doji
  • Doji star
  • Dragon fly doji
  • Engulfing bearish line
  • Engulfing bullish line
  • Evening doji star
  • Evening star
  • Falling window
  • Gravestone doji
  • Hammer Bear
  • Hammer Bear Flat
  • Hammer Bull
  • Hammer Bull Flat
  • Hanging Man Bear
  • Hanging Man Bear Flat
  • Hanging Man Bull
  • Hanging Man Bull Flat
  • Inverted black hammer
  • Inverted hammer
  • Long legged doji
  • Long lower shadow
  • Long upper shadow
  • Marubozu Bear
  • Marubozu Bull
  • Morning doji star
  • Morning star
  • On neckline
  • Piercing line
  • Rising window
  • Shaven bottom Bear
  • Shaven bottom Bull
  • Shaven head Bear
  • Shaven head Bull
  • Shooting star Bear
  • Shooting star Bear Flat
  • Shooting star Bull
  • Shooting star Bull Flat
  • Spinning top Bear
  • Spinning top Bull
  • Three Black Crows
  • Three white soldiers
  • Tweezer bottoms
  • Tweezer tops
  • White body candle



The FOREX market changes fast, so I’m always on the look-out for new methods. When I add new options to this Plug-In, you’ll receive them FREE of charge.


There are no secrets here - You have full access to the MQL code.  The code generated by the VTS EA Builder and this Plug-in is fully available for you to view, edit and rebuild if you desire. You can learn cutting techniques from our MQL source code.

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