Automatic Alpha Expert Advisor Trading System

The Automatic Alpha EA Trading System: Reinforced with an MT4 Expert Advisor

This is a risk free opportunity for you to learn the art of building an automated trading system. Keep reading to learn how we can offer this product to you without you risking a dime!

The Automatic Alpha Package Includes:

  • Full Disclosure of a Unique Trading Strategy Including the Entry Setup, Entry Trigger and Exit Strategy
  • 80 Page In-depth PDF and the Complete MQL Source code are included
  • Rebuild Your Robot Anytime - Make Your Own Changes and Test them Instantly
  • Learn the framework used by the professionals to build all successful trading systems.

The concepts described in Automatic Alpha are reinforced with the implementation of a fully automated trend following trading system, named AutoAlpha.

AutoAlpha is implemented using the MetaTrader 4 MQL language. The full MQL source code is provided in this package.

Automatic Alpha Ebook: How to Build a Winning FOREX Trading System

Automatic Alpha Ebook: How to Build a Winning FOREX Trading System


What is Automatic Alpha ?

Automatic Alpha is an 80+ page ebook that fully describes the process of developing a winning trading system. Building a winning trading system can be an illusive task.  Fact: Most traders will never develop a winning trading system without using the techniques described in Automatic Alpha.

Automatic Alpha introduces a framework, The Trading System Development Lifecycle, that completely describes trading system development. Once a trader learns this framework they can immediately begin to develop their own winning trading systems.

The concepts described in Automatic Alpha are reinforced with the implementation of a fully automated trend following trading system, named AutoAlpha.  AutoAlpha is implemented using both MetaTrader versions 3.x and 4.x MQL languages. The full MQL source code for both versions is provided with the ebook.

The AutoAlpha entry is viable on all pairs. The AutoAlpha exit, as described in the ebook, was developed specifically for the highly-liquid, low-spread EUR/USD currency pair.

AutoAlpha is a medium-term trend-following system. It opens, on average, about 2 trades per week. The initial stoploss and takeprofit values are multiples of the 24-period ATR.  The stoploss and takeprofit are usually within the range of 75 to 135 points. Most trades last about 2-3 days.  This chart illustrates one of the moving-average setups described in Automatic Alpha.

View the equity curve of AutoAlpha below. This graph depicts back-tested results from 5/2003-7/2005. Only one lot is used per trade and all trading commissions are included. AutoAlpha is a robust trend following system and has provided an average of 50 points per month over the last several years. A trend-following system was chosen as the subject of Automatic Alpha because trend-following is one of the few strategies that has proven reliable over the long term. The AutoAlpha trading system is similar to black box systems that are currently sold for thousands of dollars.

Automatic Alpha is both a comprehensive book – teaching you how to develop your own winning systems, and an actual trading system. You can start running a winning trading system today. Read the Preface of Automatic Alpha below.

"The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win."


About Automatic Alpha

The term Alpha is used by investment managers to measure the return of an investment strategy.

The opportunity for the average investor to generate Alpha in the foreign currency market has never been better. The currently available tools, combined with easy access to the retail foreign currency exchange, have made it possible for the average person to trade foreign currencies side by side with professional currency traders.

But the markets have never been kind to the uneducated. The foreign currency market is ultimately a zero sum game. Each trade is either a purchase or sale of a currency pair: when one trader wins, another trader loses. As you may suspect, this environment can be a very expensive classroom for the student new to foreign currency trading. Many nonprofessional traders liken the situation to swimming in shark-infested waters.

One goal of Automatic Alpha is to help a trader (at any level) to recognize and appreciate the intrinsic value of mechanical system trading. The actions required to develop, test and execute a mechanical trading system are consistent with the behavior shared by many successful traders. If done correctly, the results of these actions reward the trader for the effort; this positive experience reinforces the “good” behavior and gradually builds and strengthens the framework successful traders rely on to remain successful.

Automatic Alpha is a practical guide to deliver what is promised in the title, Alpha. More importantly, this book describes a general framework for developing a trading system and fully illustrates the implementation of a complete trading system.

In the recent past, automatic, or mechanical, trading systems were available only to professional or high net worth investors. The computer programs used to develop, test and execute the trading strategies were either too expensive or too complex for the average investor. This has changed with the introduction of several free and easy to use automated trading development platforms.

This EA is fully defined and ready to go.

I can not over-emphasize how important it is to have the ability to test and modify your EA’s on an ongoing basis. Now, even though this EA is 100% complete and ready-to-go, I’m sure you’ll have your own creative ideas to make it better.

  • Traders interested in building their own winning trading systems.
  • Traders that want to start running a winning trading system today.
  • Anybody interested in learning how most winning trading systems are outlined, developed, tested and finally qualified.

Are you a chart-watching discretionary trader?

     Read Automatic Alpha to learn how to automate your manual trading system.

Are you new to FOREX trading? Learn the inherent advantages of mechanical system trading.

     Get started off on the right foot and start running a winning trading system immediately.


The FOREX market changes fast, so I’m always on the look-out for new methods. When I add new options to this Package, you’ll receive them FREE of charge.


There are no secrets here - You have full access to the MQL code.  The code was generated by the VTS EA Builder and is included in it's entirety. This code is fully available for you to view, edit and rebuild if you desire. You can learn cutting techniques from our MQL source code.

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Automatic Alpha Ebook: How to Build a Winning FOREX Trading System

Automatic Alpha Ebook: How to Build a Winning FOREX Trading System

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