Profit Exits

The Forex Profit Exit Plug-in for MT4 EA Builder: Trade Exits Designed to Squeeze Every PIP from Your EA’s Profitable Trades

The Profit Exits Plug-in Allows You to Quickly and Easily Add Advanced Exits to Your Expert Advisors.

  • The Average True Range (ATR) Exit
  • The High or Low Channel Exit
  • The Chandelier Exit
  • The Break Even Exit
  • The Trailing Exit

Money is made, or lost, ONLY when a trade is closed. That’s why it’s important that you run your best possible exit strategy for every market condition. The Profit Exits Plug-in includes 6 advanced exit strategies that you can configure in literally hundreds of ways. As you may know, my Expert Advisor Builder (Visual Traders Studio) is a free-range, drag and drop EA builder. VTS generates MQL code from the drawings that you create. Using the Profit Exit Plug-in, you can drag and drop any of the 6 advanced exit strategies onto the drawing pad and include them in the logic of your EA.

Profit Exits MT4 Expert Advisor Builder Plug-in

Profit Exits MT4 Expert Advisor Builder Plug-in



What are the Advanced Exit Strategies?


This exit strategy uses the Average True Range indicator to trail an open position. You just define the period and the multiple of the ATR, VTS does the rest. Great for short-term trending markets.


This exit strategy uses the high or low of the past 24 candles, or any number of candles actually. You set the start and end of the channel and VTS builds an EA that will close your trade when any price touches the outside of the channel. Good for protecting your profit in a range-bound market that may break out. (Like when news is released!)


The strategy hangs a stoploss above or below the high or low since your trade was opened. Very powerful, used by the well-known futures trader Chuck Lebeau. Great for a trending market.


Move your stop to break-even as soon as you can. This strategy allows you to define how many pips of profit you need before moving the stoploss so that you are guaranteed to not lose money on a profitable trade ever again! (Don’t let this happen to you.) This simple strategy can cut your overall trading loses significantly. 


The best way to test your trade entries. This strategy closes a trade after it has been open for any number of bars. With this test you can quickly see if your trade entries are any good. You can also use this exit to close any trade that has been open too long.


The classic trailing stop. Set the value to trail at and VTS builds your EA with the powerful, classic trailing stop.

Are The Profit Exits Easy to Use in Your Expert Advisor?

The Profit Exit functions are very easy to use: Just drag, drop and connect. Each function has a custom user-interface to make configuration easy for you.

The Real Power of Advanced Exits in Your EA

The real power of these advanced exits is that you can combine them. How? Well, there are lots of creative ways. For example, you start a trade with a Channel strategy and then change to the Chandelier strategy after some profit has been realized. Or you change the exit strategy based on how the market is behaving. By the way, the RSI is a great indicator for determining if the market is over or under sold. And of course, you use the Breakeven strategy to make sure you never again lose money on a trade that was profitable. The point is, there are an infinite number of ways to combine these strategies using VTS. VTS is just a tool, but with your creativity you can build almost any Expert Advisor.


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The FOREX market changes fast, so I’m always on the look-out for new methods. When I add new options to this Plug-In, you’ll receive them FREE of charge.


There are no secrets here - You have full access to the MQL code.  The code generated by the VTS EA Builder and this Plug-in is fully available for you to view, edit and rebuild if you desire. You can learn cutting techniques from our MQL source code.

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MT4 Profit Exit Plug-In

Profit Exits MT4 Expert Advisor Builder Plug-in

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