The Best Way to Learn VTS

 The Best Way to Learn the VTS MetaTrader Expert Advisor Builder

This is a no-nonsense, step-by-step guide designed to
teach you all there is to know about using VTS and building Expert Advisors.

There are many links throughout this list. They are
optional.  The links should be read if there is a step you do not
understand, or if you want to learn more about the subject.

Each step is a continuation from the previous step unless

Read and try to follow each step first and then watch the
video for clarification.  Don’t try to learn from watching the
video alone
.  The videos move too fast to follow without
first reading the steps.

Use VTS version or later.

Part I. Master the Basics

Step 1.
Install VTS and enter your license key 

You should have received an email from iExpertAdvisor
with instructions.  If you did not, please check your junk or bulk email
folder. If you can’t find it send us an email at

License keys are entered in VTS by going to the
“Tools->Options->License” tab. Read more here:
open in this page
open in new page

Watch the Step 1 video:

Click Here for Step 2