Expert Advisor Ownership

Expert Advisor Ownership

Any EA you build with VTS belongs 100% to you.

iExpertAdvisor has absolutely no claim of Expert Advisor ownership on any MT4 or MT5  Expert Advisor, Script or Indicator you create using our tools.

In VTS you can set a copyright and a link that is automatically inserted into any MQL file generated by VTS.

To set these values, in VTS, go to Tools->Options->Preferences Menu

VTS EA Ownership set from Options menu

VTS EA Ownership set from Options menu


















From this screen, you can edit the CompanyName and CompanyLink items.

This will result in the following MQL code being inserted into the Expert Advisor when it is created:

#property copyright   “Copyright 2014, iExpertAdvisor, LLC (bld #:2 2014/02/4 09:38:02)”
#property link   “”

The default values are iExpertAdvisor’s, but this does not mean we intend to hold the copyright to your EA.

Note: I also added a build number and time-stamp to the copyright value.  I did this because the copyright value appears in the MetaTrader Strategy Tester pull-down menu when choosing an EA to test.  This way you know exactly what version of your EA you are testing.




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