Single Purpose MetaTrader 4 Robots

How to Break into the Wonderful World of MT4 Using the VTS EA Builder

It can be a little overwhelming to build a fully automated EA from scratch.

I suggest starting slow.

You need these single-purpose helpers when you trade anyway, so why not work their creation into your plan of becoming a wealthy kick -butt EA trader!

Below are 3 of my favorite single- purpose Expert Advisors.

Move-to-Breakeven Mini MT4 Robot

The #1 rule of trading is, and always will be, don't lose money. Sometimes a trade goes against you right away. There is not much you can do in that situation, you just have to allow your stoploss to take you out of the bad trade for a loss 🙁

But more often, a trade will move around a little bit, and you'll have an opportunity to move your stoploss to breakeven. That is, if you are watching the trade on each tick. Stop watching. It's unhealthy to stare at an open trade anyway. Instead, just run this "mini-robot" and let it do the watching for you.

Watch this video to see how fast and easy it is to build the Move-to-Breakeven "mini robot".

Alert-On-Breakout Mini MT4 Robot

I love alerts. I love getting emails (or notifications on my iPhone) when something happens.

If a price breaks out, I want to know about it. (I may not do anything, but I want to know.) In this video, I build a "mini-robot" that detects a price breakout and generates an alert.

TrendLine-Watcher Mini MT4 Robot

 I use a lot of trend lines. And I don’t think I find anything more boring than waiting for a trend line to be broken. (Come to think of it, I have done a lot of stupid things waiting for a trend line break)

What I love about this EAs that it's a combination of human brain power and EA automation. It's not completely manual, and it's not completely automated. It's both: This EA is an elegant combination of precision computing power and human intuition. It is massively powerful.

If you've drawn thousands of trend lines like I have, you get pretty good at it. That type of skill is hard to program into an MT4 robot.

Here is the secret: You don't ask your EA to draw trendlines. Draw the trendline yourself and then create a really simple EA that watches your trendline, 24x6, for you. (Actually, create a few and have your EA watch trendlines on multiple timeframes and multiple charts!)

MT4 Platform

Sorry, I  had to remove the email function, if you ran this EA with the email enabled it would send emails to me!

I replaced the email call with an alert so you can still use this EA to watch your trendlines.