The Only 3 EA’s You’ll Ever Need

The Only 3 EA’s You’ll Ever Need

If you’ve followed my free MQL Training course or used my VTS EA Builder, you may be wondering  “Even if I follow the step-by-step VTS EA Builder videos and I can nearly build EA’s like a professional, I’m not sure what to build“.

MT4 Expert Advisor

Or, you may be thinking “ Ok, now I’ve got the MQL skills, but I don’t know where to start “.

Well, I understand why you feel that way and that’s exactly why I created 3 ready-to-use Expert Advisors.

Actually, these are the only Expert Advisors you may ever need.  You see, a currency pair on the Forex market is always in one of two states …

… The Forex market is either trending or it’s range-bound …

So, I’ve developed the only 3 EAs you’ll ever need to execute on these market types:
• A trend following EA based on proven trend indicators
• A grid-like EA for operating in a range-bound market
• And a breakout EA that’s used during a trend reversal, or when a range-bound market breaks out

There’s no magic or “secret sauce” in these EA’s

You get everything. For each ready-to-go EA, you get:

• The complete MQL source code
• The complete VTS system, including all of the drawings
• A video showing exactly how the VTS system was created
• And a breakdown of each section of the EA

After you’ve watched each video, you’ll be ready to load, run and truly understand the inner workings of these EA’s.

Each EA is fully defined and ready to go.  And I added a valuable technique that I’ve been using for years

… A foolproof method to test the profitability of any EA …

In each EA I’ve added a drawing that uses my brutal pull-no-punches entry test. See, when I create an EA, I always separate the trade-entry logic from the trade-exit logic. That way I can test – and improve – each part on it’s own.

My entry test is brutal, but simple.

It goes like this:  I simply exit each trade after a fixed amount of time. Exactly how long depends on the type of EA.  For most swing-type systems, I force a trade closed somewhere between 1-3 hours after it’s been opened.

The key to this test is how the results are measured. Listen, you don’t calculate profit or anything like that …

You just record the number of winning trades …

You want to see how often your EA gets a trade started in the right direction – get a feel for your EA’s behavior.  I look for a minimum of 70%. I run the MetaTrader back-tester for a fixed period of time, then I divide the number of winning trades by the total trades opened.

If I don’t have a 70% win-rate, I go back and improve the entry

I do all this before I even start looking at the exit logic. That way, by the time I start working on my EA’s exit-logic, I know I’m already working with an EA that get’s off to a good start at least 70% of the time.

Not only have I added my entry-test to all of these EAs, I also added an input parameter to control if the Expert Advisor uses its normal exit, or my entry-test exit.

This way, at anytime, you can simply set an input parameter on your EA, run the entry test and see exactly how your EA’s entry is performing on the latest market action …

I can not over-emphasize how important it is to have the ability to test your EA’s on an ongoing basis.  Now, even though these EA’s are 100% complete and ready-to-go, I’m sure you’ll have your own creative ideas to make them better.

I encourage everyone to catch the EA building bug!

The Only 3 EA’s You’ll Ever Need

You can get all 3 EA’s right here, including

  • the complete MQL source code (MQL4 code that can be built and edited)
  • the complete VTS system
  • user documentation
  • videos showing exactly how the EA was created using the VTS EA Builder

Everything for $99. Click the Add to Cart button to get them …

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