VTS EA Builder Software Update

download-nowDownload the Latest Version of the VTS MT4 Expert Advisor  Builder, Click Here  This install file is used for initial installations or upgrades. Just download and run.


Release Notes

Release (10/9/2017)

  • Add Manual feature to Money Manager
  • Spawn multiple tasks to decrease build time
  • Manually call GC to free diagram memory

Release (4/15/2017)

  • Add Screen Recording feature to VTS EA-Builder
  • Package Plug-in update: Auto-add system, EA and video
  • Package Plug-in update: Archive feature phase 1
  • Bug fix: Limit number of MessageType values (made function files large)

Release (3/17/2017)

  • Bug fix: VTS was not able to open a VTS System file (*.se)
  • Bug fix: Error when configuring functions using (+) button (VTS or MQL)

Release (3/6/2017)

  • Update to open any zip file and find  VTS system zip inside
  • Add RAQ page to View menu
  • Set “copy to all” as true by default
  • Suppress java script errors in WebBrowser
  • Fix out of bounds error in Power trend MQL
  • Event Manager support

Release (1/29/2017)

  • Bug: Fix test folder comment for Tick Watcher
  • Update help files
  • Add new plug-ins to Toolbox plug-in pane

Release (1/25/2017)

  • Debug Manager and Tick Watcher Support

Release (12/27/2016)

  • Support variables for Multi-trade profit levels, lot size and symbol name (use choose button)
  • Add end menu choice to right-click on drawing, allow end to be created: true false, 0 , 1, -1
  • Support to create a variable without assigning any value: if assignment value is empty, no assignment is made
  • Dock-fill plug-in control in toolbox

Release (12/21/2016)

  • Add tool box search feature
  • Bug fix: first time logic is built with multiple conditions, operands are miss-arranged
  • Bug Fix: power tab not appearing for some trend functions
  • Disable form on multi-trade when checkbox is not checked (first open)

Release (11/12/2016)

  • Update fnCloseAll function to close all trades in single loop
  • Write Operating System value at start of every build
  • Fix bug in Trend Down function (ignore last index in array)
  • Add all logs and IDF files to VTS package
  • Fix order of parameters in MQL function StringSubstr
  • Clean up formatting for MQL code blocks
  • Support for multiple open trades
  • Do not allow duplicate macro (#define) definitions
  • Remove unused tabs from open trade manager

Release (8/5/2016)

  • Save parameters for individual drawing functions
  • Edit tool tip on function elements, add instructions on how to delete elements
  • Set the data type of an end element based on drawing’s return type
  • Allow adding a drawing element directly to a drawing and optionally open the drawing in a new tab
  • Match the display order of inputs in the input manager with the order seen on the EA settings window
  • Support inputs: add separators between variables; support enums using input list files
  • Bug fix: logic power bug with max counts
  • Add enumeration list to MQL function ObjectGet

Release (4/29/2016)

  • Site Search Help Link
  • File read\write support

Release (2/10/2016)

  • Detect Windows 8/10 64-bit and set compiler to mql64.exe
  • Add MessageBox picklist for buttons
  • Support MetaTrader version string format in all EAs
  • Update test wizard text/flow to use mql.exe instead of metalang.exe
  • Support for Pivot Points
  • Logic Power bug: fix “if ever happened” logic, again. it removed all other conditions
  • User authorization fix (.80)

Release (1/8/2016)

  • Package Plug-in fixes: correct file extension to mq4; rearrange UI; add complete message
  • Logic Power bug: fix “if ever happened” logic
  • Support for email on build error
  • Clear settings of misc. data

Release (11/11/2015)

  • Allow Money Manager save while Excel file is open
  • Catch and log startup exception
  • Fix Candlestick errors if variables are not defined
  • Fix download issue
  • Package plug-in support

Release (6/1/2015)

  • Add ARROW_DOWN to fnDrawArrow function
  • Add EMPTY_CHART to default variables
  • Display EMPTY_CHART on CIA chart, format and align all values
  • Fix exception on offer form close
  • Money Manager support
  • Add build number to output and status
  • Allow user drawing with parameters to have unique values

Release (4/1/2015)

  • Update plug-in pane in toolbox
  • Bug fix: channel code in power plug-in
  • Allow email attachment folder to be specified in options->preferences
  • Bug fix: save email attachment value when saving drawing
  • Don’t ask to autolink elements in wizard mode
  • Go to assignment tab when opening a saved variable
  • Allow register for free trial on start up


Release (2/25/2015)

  • Add plug-in pane to toolbox
  • Remove image on build fail
  • SendNotification support
  • Change message on license error
  • Log exceptions

Release (2/16/2015)

  • add image to build message
  • change return data type of MQL bar functions
  • update of ezEmail.dll to support unicode strings
  • change chart text to read “Trade Signal Manager” not “Next Signal Manager”
  • change default value of showtick to true
  • chart execute support
  • bug fix: add showtick to EA Wizard
  • bug fix: change default color value from black to Black


  • Use exact path when starting metaeditor, do not rely on windows file association
  • Set default compiler in non-x86 folder installs
  • Change look of Drawing function element
  • Add options to mql tab: copy to clipboard & open containing folder
  • Close MQL tab in close-all (opened by preference OpenMqlInTab)
  • Fix ezemail.dll copy, send to old and new folders
  • Copy MQL file and  build ex4 in place to work with MT4 build 7x (use /i: argument)
  • Security Manager support
  • Bug fix: client-stops helper function not always run
  • Bug fix: allow showtick parn to disable showtick


Find all mt platforms on programs x86
EzEmail update to support unicode strings
Add MT platform name to vts border
Add user preference to open MQL in tab
add link to full length tutorial on welcome page
Add function fnFindObjectByName to object menu
Add function fnFindObjectByType to object menu


Add Plug-in info to most tooltips (mouse-overs)
Ghost element if model-data is not found
Add User tab to Input Manager
Add MagicNumber to chart comment
Bug fix: do not put quotes around a string parameter if the name is a defined variable of type string
Welcome page update: add HowTo Video links
Only allow default value to be set for Extern/Input variables
List all plug-ins on option tab


Set ‘copy EA to all folders’ to true when first starting VTS
Order history plug-in support
List all plug-ins for club members in license tab
Enable signal plug-in for club members


System Drag and Drop support on Welcome screeen
Club update
catch path exception on drawlinks
fix to fnGetOrderInfo total orders calculation
update userbasefolder on save so drawing changes are saved correctly
check for null processes when loading editor or platform
add user-defined DownLoadFolder property


Fix mql output name when it is based on the MT platform folder
TTM fix to OkToTrade logic(changed bool to int)
Recognize function return variables as strings to prevent adding quotes
Fix adding favorites to toolbox (broken with check name function)
Add marketscore support

build600/mql5 updates
New design of the Tools->Options->Platform page to enter info needed from MT platform

save-as fix: drawing functions 2 levels deep were assigned the wrong name
delete input parameters when removed from input manager
fix: mql functions not correctly identified as function or snippet
set true end to true when creating new drawing if return type is boolean
remove indicators from variable->assign choose menu
chart-object plugin fix: allow multiple same-type objects to be drawn on chart

build600/mql5 updates
include mt4 commpilers vts install (mql.exe, mql64.exe)
use included compiler if not found in MT platform

save-as fix, prevent race condition when drawing is saved
fix help type in fnGetHighest
fix for custom indicator parameters not being saved
fix for custom indicator parameters always set to default values
remove auto-determine function or snippet for MQL functions
show all values used when compiling: compiler, parameters, output files


build600/mql5 updates
add CopyTo folders
copy EAs to AppData folders
fix platform test syntax error
fix fnIsTrendLineBroken parameter for switch statement
add include switch to compile command

don’t show non-plug-in in product list
move URLs to file
fix function-power trend up error
fix element save with name change
delete strategy zip file
add log message for all EA copies
remove duplicate values in InputManager
disable name textbox for all managers
remove radio button from MQL function to detect snippet



build600/mql5 updates
source custom indicators from correct folder depending on compiler (metalang or mql)
copy EAs, scripts and ea-indictaors to MQL4 folders
fix fngrid issues with arrays reference
fix for MessageBoxW (wide string)
set correct folders when tool paths are updated
search for new compiler by nmae if old compiler not found

fix save-as issues
create externs & sys managers when building new system
save all managers when saving or save-as system
fix name of setting for ea indicator prefix
change mql function check to always return snippet unless function is selected
only use multi-platform screen
build600/mql5 updates
fix fibo default parameters
copy EA to MQL4 folder
changes to grid code to support mql5
save candlestick parms with different container names
catch exception when dropping into treeview in toolbox

mql5 updates
remove period from FIB defines
normalize carriage returns
autosearch for mql.exe if metalang.exe is not found
allow new compiler (mql.exe) to be selected
change bid/ask in test functions to work on any pair

Allow user-function drawing parameters to be modified, including data type
fix parameter variables not found on candle drawings
fix logfile error with ezmail (same string declared twice)
remove platform variables from toolbox
indicator-ea support
fix metaeditor path when opening script
reload IDF file each time custom indicator is configured
allow custom indicator to be refershed without restarted VTS

Allow icustom name parameter to be a variable (no quotes)
Add radio buttons to MQL element for function or code snippet
Fix auto-link on drawings
Add Test function to toolbox
Write version, etc to MQL file
Show build number on price chart
Fix bug with drawing functions that return void
Set default slippage parameter to Slippage (not 3) for close functions

Partial Close support
In fnclose funciton change symbol to ordersymbol
Bug fix: change datatype text for color, from Color to color
Remove code for TTM extern support (causes issue if set in older system)
Fix “invalid path” exception thrown during first startup if platform folder is not set

Bug fix: drawing function not created when d/d.
changed forum link and text
fix to fnRemoveLines Grid function
added lost parameter choices to fnGetOpenOrder
center screen for syntax check
fnClose parameters not saving latest data

Bug fix: prevent systems from growing very large (and loading slow) when functions with parameters use messages.
MQL Mentor support

Signal Aggregator updates:
allow naming & drawing on chart
support commas as decimal seperator
fix to input naming
allow building with unconfigured logic & MQL
Support loading packages from platform folder
Fix for fnClose not saving properly on CloseBuy/Sell drawings
Update details text in function cfg window to explain variable name
Update strategy download process
Change choose-button behaviour for inline-function selection in logic
fix ea wizard (add MaxLots variable)
clean up some MQL code depencies
update splash/title
support for wp/yt uploads (debug only)
Bug fix for zero-value stoploss and takeproft
allow selecting and configuring function from logic condition
open and configure functions and drawings from treeview

Add any-level check to Fibonacci Plug-in
Create input-parm from any parameter
Strategy tab connect to wordpress
Bug fix for NextSignal Manager. Fixed problem where any NextSignal Manager selection prevented trades from opening.


fix trendline functions so they enumerate correct names
update all MQL functions on Advance menu to return correct data type
add mql function SendNotification
support Fibonacci Trader
update parameter control, add choose button
don’t auto-link init & deinit functions
don’t build MQL-code functions when dragged from advanced menu
add decimal to MM value so MQL to treats value as a double
check if ezemail file exists before trying to open


TTM updates
set default end value when not configured
allow string variable to ve set for ordersend symbol
add maxlots check and show on chart
fix check for maxsells/maxbuys
test wizard fix (changes to fnOkToOpen)
fix getElements for string value, was datetime
add emergency stop values (not used from here)
fix TP choose button disabled on fnopenorder on TS check
fix comma as decimal sep, ovveride UpdateEditText
remove show as input option for gmt offset
exit function fix for non-chart symbols
client-side stops support
show trading-disabled reasons on chart
add magic mumber to trade comment
remove ezemail inputs from input manager
bug fix: trade time logic fix for => condition
bug fix: copy logic parenthesis info
profit manager support


bug fix: fixed trade time parameters loading in reverse
bug fix: keep parameters controls from being squeezed when form is smaller for large function cfg windows
added pending order support fnGetOrderInfo:
internal functions to save diagram as jpeg image
flat zip-like file support
added candle pattern functions

bug fix: system save-as, add tag to function tablenode object
TTM: return -1 for open_none rule
TTM: only include fnClose for close rules
TTM: reverse end hours & minutes for usability
bug: fnGetOpenOrderInfo not using selection parms corrrectly
move var declarations up
bug: set ci folder when primary platform is added
update app.config to use proxy server if found
register email COM object during install

bug fix: system save-as, update element tooltip
add fnBarExitTest to Bar menu
if variable already saved, open cfg to assignment tab
bug fix: update mql functions return type: day,dayofweek..Year
bug fix: update mql functions return type: orderdelete, orderclose, ordercloseby
set element in property window when selected on treeview
replace commas with periods in MM numeric up/down control
bug fix: set default value for var – caused syntax error
add offset area to var assignment
support for profit-exit plug-in
added dependency support to minimize warnings
changed t/s to <= & >= (allow equal)
help update: package & share
feature: support multi-platform plug-in
various bug fixes

bug: fix trailinstop to only make adjustments in one direction (up for buy, down for sell)
feature: add package support to tools->options menu
write VTS version to details tab of license screen

help file updates
feature: add more warning/error message
feature: grid plug-in support

help file updates
bug: fix MQL code in function fnGetHighest
feature: Allow plug-in usage for X days
feature: call chart comment function from every end element on main-system drawing
feature: update link to best-way-to-learn-vts

bug: fixed error when conditon #2 was removed from a logic
bug: fixed error on caneling logic after deleting a condition
feature: open drawings from treeview
feature: allow all functions to be added to favorite list
feature: drop-link, auto connect links to new element if dropped on a link
feature: on closing, do not prompt to save drawings if they have not changed
bug: fixed symbol string issue with trailing stop, order modify and order close


bug: add 5 minute timeframe
bug: add account equity
bug: fix orderclose percent when division was performed
feature: Add point profit to fngetorderinfo
feature: trendline support

bug: add quotes to symbol strings so build does not break
feature: allow inputs to be deleted
bug: sort inputs correctly
bug: set extern default value from opentrade mgr
feature: increased max vars, uses random num, may reduce available size of user-name vars
bug: change “journal” text to “experts tab”
bug: allow same-name variable to be set to multiple values on drawing
bug: fix for lost function info when message is cleared
bug: move location of ezemail var list
bug: remove read-only idf files
bug: fix error with TTM and sell orders
feature: memory improvements to handle larger drawings (force GC)
feature: added thread to start-up faster
feature: added hello page
feature: added new link “best-way…”
feature: increase maxdepth and maxnames for large drawing
feature: removed adding quotes to strings, user must enter all quotes if needed
bug: nested drawing functions not referenced correctly
feature: email support
feature: enhance help: added all html files to distribution (big)
bug: fixed help targets

bug: fix input manager losing variables after save/close/open
bug: fix legacy key size compare
bug: parameter variables were set to value inside function
bug: close all not closing unsaved function drawings
feature: candle support
feature: load platform elements only at startup; system elements are
loaded when the system is loaded

bug: restict non-ascii characters (besides underscore) from all data entry
bug: fix save-as to save system to correct folder
bug: bug, add ECN function call to TestWizard
feature: write platform function comments/help to details tab
feature: add new function to trade menu: fnCloseAll
bug: fix how-to link on welcome page
bug: remove global scope for variable until real global variable support
bug: update trial-version access

bug: vts hangs on start – file for a function with parameters and messages becomes large
bug: set default prices (Bid or Ask) for open/close buy/sell orders
feature: set price correctly when changing ordertype on fnopenorder fncloseorder
bug: fix url names
bug: set non-functioning file tabs to un-selectable
bug: fix pending status of license key
feature: allow multiple license keys to be entered
bug: fix – trailing stop checkbox disabled after saving
bug: input manager extern variables did not use default value
bug: input manager save-disabled because of name not available
bug: close file handle on ZIP file
Bug: ECN modify defined Ticket parameter as Double, changed to Integer.
Bug: Crossover logic created incorrect when using shift parameter (i).

feature: add ECN support: create ECN input variable and generate code
bug: if function fnOpenOrder is not saved, use default parameters, not zeros
bug: fix help links on welcome screen
feature: add new function fnFixLot
bug: add fnFixLot call to all order functions
feature: add new types to fnGetOpenOrderInfo
bug: fix crossover build: if indicator function was never opened, cross value was not generated correctly
bug: next signal manager: type with return variable in fnOkToTrade
bug: money management: change dataype to double; changed magnitude for smaller numbers
bug: logic greatet than 10 cause build error: logic was alpha sorted, not numerical sorted
bug: after trial expiration, allow license to be entered
bug: Do not allow extended ascii chars in element names
feature: add new functions to Bar menu:
bug: Vts Function not cleared after removing from drawing and building in MQL engine
bug: Mql function not building, name not found, injected with vts-func support
feature: Add installer to setup project to change folder permission
bug: Close all was not clearing selected system, not always called made to model to clear lists
bug: removed parameter variable scope on system drawing
bug: added parse exact to support all cultures
feature: version 1 of Connect Help file
bug: fixed CHART error when selecting CHART for the symbol in fnTrailingStop
bug: tester fix, mql func names were unnamed, lists were not cleared (fnOKtoTrade)
bug: fixed function files for window* functions, added “chart” to pick list
bug: fixed name-generation so names are not maxed out at 999 (use newname)
feature: support any function or variable in MessageData, resized textbox
feature: size cfg window according to element
bug: add wait cursor to wizard builds

feature: update welcome page when entering
feature: add start and end candle to CIA
bug: test for null lists on selecteditems
bug: add exception around wizard exec
bug: change program level exception
feature: add UAC manifest to raise UAC
feature: add pick-lists (enumerations):
bug: add pick-list to functions parameters:

feature: add new wizard: Custom Indicator Analyzer (CIA)
bug: links not drawn correct if just close-sell function is chosen
bug: disable controls for trailing-stop if it is not selected
bug: check for system in memory before file-system, caused ‘entry not found’
bug: isFirst logic did not work (was always true)
feature: check all folder permissions on start and offer email if failed
feature: force increase of UAC to admin (in manifest file)
feature: set tool folders on startup if not already set (new thread)
feature: try to catch program level exception using new metho

bug: functions not found: functions were not written to the correct folder
bug: parameter values not saved correctly during save-as
bug: change name of desktop icon to ‘connect’
bug: change name of auto-gen ends to not be reserved words ‘true’ and ‘false’

feature: Add new function to trade menu: fnGetOrderInfo
feature: Add order selection UX to fnCloseOrder, fnModifyOrder and fnTrailingStop
bug: on InputManager, ‘name not allowed’ shown erroneously when opened
bug: indicator new name not updated in EA wizard trade-indicator step
bug: Maxtrade logic not implemented correctly
bug: Fix delete of element (remove object from DAL and file from file-system)
bug: Add newlines to chart comments
bug: Add tick value to chart
feature: Add timeout message to license verification

bug:Fixed named symbol bug on ordersend
feature: Add trail radio checkbox to stoploss on ordersend
bug: fixed var scope & datatype selection
bug: save-as did not clone elements properly
feature: Wizard-drawing mode support
feature: functions should build with defaults values if not saved
bug: platform functions do not appear on tree the same as other elements
bug: cust-indicator path was not set correctly
bug: setup files in test wizard not set correctly
feature: added shift parameter selection dialog

bug: fix input manager for adding new values
bug: fix trade time manager for exposing extern values
bug: fix sound files from message manager
bug: fix comment-dont-clear function on element message tab
feature: read and display package info from description file; load packages from 2 folders
feature: add trailing stop function
feature: add moving average of any indicator to function power tab
feature: add simple crossover strategy to package folder
feature: update enums for functions; added mamethods enumeration

bug: fix right-click treeview menu crash
bug: choose menu and expression editor menu disposed treeviews, created cloned treeviews
feature: improved license entry, added message to buy on start
feature: MQL-code functions support