Profit Manager EA Plug-in for MT4 EA Builder

Profit Manager EA Plug-in for MT4 Expert Advisor Builder: The Profit Manager watches and waits – and then closes your Trades for a Profit

Stop trading when you’ve reached your Profit Target!  The Profit Manager Plug-In monitors the overall profit of your open trades.

You configure exactly what trades you want the Profit Manager to watch and then you set the Profit Target to your desired target.

The Profit Manager Plug-in watches your trades and when the total profit reaches your target, your trades are closed immediately so you can grab your profit from the market before it disappears.

As you may know, my Expert Advisor Builder (Visual Traders Studio) is a free-range, drag and drop EA builder. VTS generates MQL code from the drawings that you create.

Profit Manager MT4 Expert Advisor Builder Plug-in

Profit Manager MT4 Expert Advisor Builder Plug-in

Why do you need a Profit Manager?

I’ve personally struggled with this concept for a long time. Here is the situation: If you have a good trading strategy and it gives you a solid entry signal, BUT, you’ve already had a good trading day, Should you enter the trade?

For example, suppose your daily goal is to make a 1% profit in your trading account. And suppose you have already reached that goal. Should enter the market again, or should you call it a day?

You need to answer this question for yourself, but I’ll tell you what I do.  I stop trading. Why? Because there is always risk in the market. And one thing I’ve learned over the years is that I never really know what the market is going to do. So if I’ve reached my daily goal, I stay out.

Of course, you can also apply this logic to losses. Sometimes you have bad day. The Profit Manager can also be used to close your trades based on a maximum loss value.  Sometimes it’s just better to step away and try again another day. Actually, the maximum loss feature of the Profit Manager may save you more money than the Profit Target feature!

Is the Profit Manager Easy to Use?

This is the entire configuration window for the Profit Manager.  The Profit Manager works as a VTS System Manager, so you don’t even need to drag, drop and connect it.  It’s always there.  Just click on the OpenTrade System Manger and configure.

Like All of my products, the Profit Manager Plug-in comes with Two Promises

Profit Manager Configuration

Profit Manager Configuration

1. Free Lifetime Updates: When I add new features to the Profit Manager Plug-in, you’ll receive them free of charge. Life Time Guarantee
iExpertAdvisor 30-day Money back 2. I personally create all of my own software products and I stand behind them. I offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee on every product.

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